Atima Omara for the DNC

Dear Fellow Democrat,

I am excited to announce today that I am running to represent you on the Democratic atima-2010National Committee. I would be honored and humbled to have your support in this campaign at our State Party Convention in June.

Never before has an election been so important as the 2016 election. Literally, all that we hold dear as Democrats is on the line should the GOP candidate for President win the White House. After many years of hard work, the path to the White House is now paved through Virginia. And we have a lot of work ahead to elect more Democratic members of Congress and the 45th President of the United States.

I’m honored to have the support of wonderful Democrats from around the Commonwealth

I have been a long time progressive Democratic grassroots activist in Virginia on the local and state level whether it was working or volunteering on campaigns, serving in the Young Democrats or in my local Democratic committee. This work culminated in my election in 2013 as the first African American, first Virginian and fifth woman President of the Young Democrats of America (YDA) in the organization’s 83 year old history. As President of YDA, the nation’s largest partisan youth organization, I had the privilege of representing young people age 18-36 on the Democratic National Committee for my tenure as President.

I’m proud of my results-oriented work to help Democrats win and build a stronger party.

I’ve worked to increase the involvement of young people within the party.  Young people will not vote and organize in politics unless engaged by their peers. As President of YDA I oversaw increased membership growth of the organization working with State Party Chairs and traveling across the country to assist activists in restarting young democrat chapters in Maine, Vermont, North Dakota. While on the DNC, I was also elected Secretary of the DNC Youth Council and I worked with other young members of the DNC to work with the Party to engage the youth vote and young progressive leaders.

I am proud of the grassroots work I’ve done to elect Democrats. I have traveled across the country and the Commonwealth personally knocking doors and phone banking for many Democratic candidates over the last 12 years. I’ve coordinated volunteers for campaign invasions and fundraised thousands of dollars for Democratic events and causes in Virginia and nationally.

I have been committed to engaging traditionally underrepresented groups within our Party. We are a stronger Party if our membership and leadership reflects the diversity of America. My volunteer work reflects that commitment. As Outreach Director for the Arlington Young Democrats (AYD) in 2009, I worked to identify community leaders who eventually restarted the AYD Women’s Caucus and started the LGBT, Latino, Asian and Black Caucuses. I served as an At-Large Board Member on the Virginia Partisans (now LGBT Democrats of Virginia). I currently serve on the board of Emerge Virginia that works to train Democratic women to run for public office to increase the amount of women in public office on local and state level. And I am a co-founder of Women Leaders of Virginia, a PAC dedicated to financially supporting Democratic women candidates running for office. I am committed as we move forward to continuing this work with my fellow Democrats in Virginia and at the national level

As your Democratic National Committee Member, I pledge to:

  • Advocate for increased financial resources for the State Parties. The Democratic Party of Virginia thrived under the 50 state strategy model supported by former DNC Chair Howard Dean. If we are able to return to a similar model, we can support growth and organizing all across the Commonwealth and not just in limited areas
  • Coordinate with the DNC to ensure Virginia is getting surrogate, technical and training support in the 2016 elections and to make sure we’re not forgotten in 2017
  • Develop ways to engage underrepresented groups in the Party at the national and state level
  • Keep you updated on DNC developments and events in Virginia when possible


I would be honored to earn your vote for my campaign for election to the DNC

Democratically yours,

Atima Omara